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In this modern era, I will recommend the use of java script to over come the draw back of this system update cause java script is a fast scripting language so we can use this along AJAX to reload the only block row or section of page. By doing this e doesn’t need to reload the whole page again and again to check the minor information.


  • ansaraliansarali Posts: 22,950
    McQs (40 Marks)

    25 McQs From Past Papers Others Are Conceptual

    Subjective (40 Marks)

    Question No 1 (2 Marks)

    Write names of the properties of touchPoint.

    Question No 2 (2 Marks)

    Define the term "dealloc message" and who is responsible for sending this message.

    Question No 3 (3 Marks)

    Seperate the server_side languages from client_side languages
    ASP .net
    Java Script

    Question No 4 (3 Marks)

    Consider the following XAML code

    Modify the given code so whatever the text is written inside text box it is automatically written as button text.
    Note: modify the XAML code only do not write C# code.
  • ansaraliansarali Posts: 22,950
    Question No 5 (5 Marks)

    Write XAML code to create button in a canvas with attributes

    Question No 6 (5 Marks)

    Consider the following code in which we have selected properties and than applied an assending and descending sort:

    ShortDescription Sort = NewShortDescription ("Name" listSortDirection.Assending);
    ShortDescription Sort = NewShortDescription ("ID" listSortDirection.Desending);

    You are required to write the code to add given two "ShortDescription" to the collection named "ShortDescription"
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