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MTH621 final term past papers mega files solved

MTH621 All current and Finale Term Past Paper Download,

Share your Midterm Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) & Past Papers as well here to help each other. Thanks

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MTH621 Final Term Solved MCQs

MTH621 Final Term solved Subjective

MTH621 Final Term solved papers mega file

MTH621 Final Term Solved Up to date

MTH621 Final Term solved papers mega file

Mth621 Final Term solved papers by moaaz

MTH621 Final Term Solved MCQs and Subjective with References by Moaaz 


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  • ansaraliansarali Posts: 21,518

    MTH621 (SPRING 2018) (shared) Practise queation ma sa 80% aya : 3nu quizes ma sa sary mcqs ay Objective bi 30 aur subjective bi 30 k tha total 60 marks k paper tha Subjective total chap3 aur chap 4 ma say tha Subjective almost practise question ma sa tha Mcqs 80% quizes ma sa thay G therorem bi aik 2 to zehn ma ni a rhy 621 theorem on bounded set theorem on reman integral mean value theirem limit chain rule integaration 621 k saare mcq old quizes m se aye  Another paper; (shared)

    #Mth621 Mcqs were based on concepts and 6,7 was from mcqs file of quizz. 1-Define Removeavle continuity? 2 marks 2-Deifine chain rule for composition of functions? 2 marks 3-Define Second mean theorem of Integration? 4- Find uniform continuity of 2x? 5- A theorem was from Monotonic Function? 5 marks 6-evaluate lim->0 ln sinx/ln x?? 7- and Rest two was from the last 5th chp of about integration on closed interval. 

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